Best Renters Insurance In Georgia: 2022 Basics

Last Updated: 30th January, 2022

Do you want to buy the best renters insurance in Georgia?

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Renters insurance is a policy that covers the losses of a tenant in case of bodily injury or property damage in a rented home. The losses may be related to personal belongings or liability costs.  Therefore, this guide is here to help you in choosing the best renters insurance in Georgia.

Renters insurance policy is necessary for all tenants because the landlord will not pay for any property damage until the lease period is over.

Is Best Renters Insurance policy affordable?

The affordability of an insurance policy depends upon your coverage requirement to a considerable extent. The premium of your insurance policy is directly affected by the coverage limit. Therefore, you can make your insurance policy affordable by choosing only those coverage options that are vital.

Insurance information institute states that the average yearly premium for renters insurance for 2017 in the U.S. was $180. The monthly premium is approximately $15 for comprehensive coverage. Additionally, the premium for the insurance is significantly less when compared to other insurance policies. Overall, when we weigh the benefits of having renters insurance with the cost, it seems affordable.

Are you legally obligated to buy renters policy in Georgia?

The law does not mandate the purchase of insurance for tenants in Georgia. However, landlords can ask for renters insurance as a form of security for their property. Therefore, you must invest in insurance in Georgia with the help of a local insurance agent to rent a home in the first place.

best renters insurance
best renters insurance

What will Best Renters Insurance cover?

Whenever you buy an insurance policy from an independent insurance agent, you must check if the policy covers all your risks. In the case of insurance, property crimes are one of the most significant risks.

Georgia is a state where property crimes are widespread. The property crime rate of Georgia is 17% more than the national average.

The property crime rate is the rate of thefts, robberies, and other such crimes related to properties. The high rate of property crime in Georgia indicates that such incidents’ coverage needs to be higher in insurance.

What additional coverage should I buy?

One fact about insurance is that the policy usually does not cover any damage caused by a flood. Therefore, people living in areas that are prone to floods must separately purchase a flood insurance policy. If your insurer gives you an option, you can also endorse flood coverage to your insurance policy.

As we all know, Georgia is prone to floods. The additional coverage that you must consider while purchasing insurance is flood insurance.


Q. What is good coverage for renters insurance?

A basic renters insurance policy provides liability coverage of $100,000. This amount is frequently plenty for renters. However, if you frequently entertain guests at your house or if your valuables are worth more than that, you should consider purchasing insurance that covers at least the total value of your goods.

Q. What is the average renters’ insurance in Georgia?

In Georgia, renters insurance costs an average of $243 per year or approximately $20 per month. This is significantly more than the national average of $168. Renters insurance in Atlanta is much more expensive, at $269 per year.

Q. What options are there when choosing renters insurance?

Personal property, liability, and additional living expenses are often covered by renters insurance.

best renters insurance

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