Renters Insurance: Dog Bite Coverage In Texas

Last Updated: 30th January, 2022

Dog bites are covered by renters insurance. If you’re a tenant with a dog, we suggest having renters insurance with dog bite coverage because it typically protects dog bites and other damages your pet may cause.

As a tenant living in Texas, we recommend you get the best renters insurance in Texas. Renters insurance will protect you from liabilities that can occur as a renter. Likewise, it will save you from paying the cost of damages to your belongings due to events like natural disasters. This article will provide you with a basic idea of the best renters insurance in Texas.

How Much Does the Best Renters Insurance With Dog Bite Coverage in Texas Cost? 

According to Effective Coverage, the average monthly premium of renters insurance in Texas is about $15. For $15 a month, you will get personal property coverage of $10,000 and liability coverage of $100,000. Similarly, you can get more coverage if you deposit a premium of about $20 a month. Hence, your renter’s insurance premium will increase or decrease based on the coverage limit you purchase.

Why do I need to Get Renters Insurance With Dog Bite Coverage? 

You might be looking to get justifications for paying your monthly renter’s insurance premiums. This insurance blog lists some reasons why you need to do so:


Many property management companies of Texas require you to have renter’s insurance. If you have to get renters insurance anyways, you might as well opt for a successful insurance agency.

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Frequency of natural disasters

Texas manages to make global news for the frequency and magnitude of its natural disasters. Such disasters include floods, windstorms, winter storms, tornadoes, wildfire, etc., to mention a few. If you are living in rent in Texas, you are vulnerable to huge losses from property damage.

Imagine that the winds are blowing hard, and out of nowhere, a stone carried by the wind breaks your window. Or imagine a fallen tree that just went right through your window, breaking your favorite piece of furniture. How are you going to pay for the repairs or replacement cost of the window and furniture? If you don’t want to pay out of your pocket, then renters insurance is the right answer.

However, you need to check with your insurance provider about which natural disasters are included and excluded from the coverage. To do so, you can ask insurance agency management systems to go through data in their insurance software to know which disasters are more prone in your area. You might have to get an extra add-on if you want to cover a peril that is excluded from the standard policy. So, try to find the best agency management system that gives you more coverage for less.

Peace of mind

With renter’s insurance, you can stop worrying about everything even when the wind blows slightly strong. You can rely on your best renters insurance to bail you out in case of any problems.

How do I find the best renters insurance in Texas? 

Check out the following tips on finding the best renters insurance in Texas:

  • Conduct extensive research online to shortlist the best companies.
  • Compare the quotes and coverage options of each company.
  • Do a background check on the companies before choosing one.
  • Consult your agent.
  • Get suggestions from friends and family if they have bought a renters policy before. Their first-hand reviews can come in handy.

All in all, the great state of Texas is known for a great share of risks for its residents. Protect yourself now and enjoy the benefits later. If you are still looking to get more information on Texas’s best renters insurance, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Q. Does my renters insurance cover if my dog bites someone?

Renters insurance will also protect you from liability in the event that someone is hurt while staying in your rented home. Renters insurance policies usually cover dog bites under the personal responsibility clause. Your personal liability for damages caused by a dog bite can be substantial.

Q. Does homeowners insurance cover dog bites in Texas?

In Texas, most homeowners’ or renter’s insurance policies will cover dog bite injuries. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a dog bite accident, you will most likely submit a claim and work with the at-fault party’s insurance company to reach a settlement.

Q. Does renters insurance cover pet damage?

As part of your liability coverage, your renters insurance policy may cover pet damage. If your pet injures someone else or damages their property, this may assist safeguard your funds. Renters insurance, on the other hand, will not cover damage to your own property caused by your pet.

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