Short Term Renters Insurance in Florida:

What You Need to Know 

Last Updated: 30th January, 2022

Many short term renters in Florida are not aware of the short-term renters insurance available to them. Short term renters insurance in Florida can protect your property and liability exposure while you are a short-term guest. There are many factors to consider when purchasing short term renters insurance. So, we have created this blog post with information about the best short term renters insurance carriers in Florida, as well as which coverage options they offer.

Short term lessees typically purchase short term renters insurance for temporary residence, be it a hotel stay or short term rental. Like homeowners’ insurance, short term renters insurance protects a renter in situations involving short-term lessees. A short term renters insurance coverage protects the policyholder from lawsuits brought by a short term visitor. Similarly, it may also cover damages caused by a temporary lessee to the rental unit or a renter’s goods. Therefore, renters should consult their policy and speak with their landlord to verify they understand their coverage. 

Short term renters insurance in Florida does not provide complete protection for all situations involving short leasers of the property. Still, it may reduce your risk exposure in cases where you are held liable and protect against damage caused to rented premises and personal property while there.  

What Factors Do I Need to Consider in Short Term Renters Insurance in Florida? 

With so many options out there, here are some things to consider when purchasing short term renters insurance:  

  • Costs – A short term renters insurance in Florida would cost you twice as much as you would for a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. This is understandable, as short term rentals pose a significant risk than typical houses.
  • Coverage – What does the policy cover? Make sure to understand your coverage and ask questions if you are unsure. Similarly, short term renters insurance may include additional coverage options such as personal liability, theft, and property damage. Ask your short term rental insurance carrier what is included by the insurers with the policy you are looking at purchasing.  
  • Your Insurance– It is crucial to understand if your policy provider offered a short term rental policy in addition to your current homeowners’ or auto insurance? If yes, make sure you know what each does and ask questions if need be. 
  • The Property – What is the rental property’s value, and is it covered for total replacement cost? If it is a condo, apartment, or house that you are short term renting from your own home, then the short term renters insurance will likely have an “other structures” limit.  
  • Other Factors to Consider – You should also examine these other factors while considering buying a short term renters insurance in Florida. These factors include deductible amounts and limits on personal belongings outside of rented premises. Likewise, short term renters insurance policies may or may not have deductibles. If you have another policy covering your short term rental, it will most likely be considered excess coverage.
best renters insurance
short term renters insurance

Best Short Term Renters Insurance in Florida Listed:  

We’ve compiled a list of some of Florida’s best short term renters insurance options. Allstate, Allianz Insurance, Fidelis Insurance, and Traveler’s International are the few best insurance carriers that provide short term renters insurance in Florida.  

Allianz Insurance 

  • Allianz short-term rent coverage offers single trip policies with advanced protection for all types of short-term rentals, including hotel rooms, vacation homes, condos/apartments, etc. For example, Allianz Renters Insurance will provide up to $100k liability coverage when renting a condo. However, it will provide only $25k while staying in a hotel room. This difference is due to the dissimilarity in value between both locations. Moreover, according to Investopedia, Allstate rent plans also cover medical payments for hosts due to injuries that might occur on the property. 
  • Likewise, it also provides additional living expense (ALE) reimbursement that may help cover short-term costs. This is only if your short term rental becomes unlivable due to a covered event such as theft, fire, and natural disasters. 

Fidelis Insurance 

  • Fidelis short term renters insurance in Florida provides coverage including liability protection and room contents up to $500 per person/per incident. Individual short-term renters insurance policies from Fidelis cost $17.99 per month in Florida. Similarly, family short-term coverage policies cost $47.50 per month.
  • Additional living expenses (ALE) of up to $25k if alternative housing has been arranged due to damages caused by events covered under the policy, such as theft , fire, and natural disasters. Additionally, it also covers personal belongings outside of rented premises with no deductible when combined with another form of homeowners’ protection like auto insurance.

Traveler’s International 

  • Similarly, traveler’s short term renters insurance in Florida specifically addresses short-term needs for individual and family plans.
  • Travelers Renters Insurance Travelers Renters Insurance offers short-term policies for as little as $27/week and includes coverage for property damage, liability, and loss of use. Coverage is available up to the policy restrictions for short-term rentals such as hotel rooms, holiday homes, condos/apartments, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get renters insurance for two months?

Month-to-month renters insurance is possible with any policy. An insurance policy is a contract that lasts for a specified amount of time. However, the purpose of a fixed length of time is to ensure that the firm covers you for that period.

Q. How much is renters insurance per month in Florida?

Based on MoneyGeek’s research, the average cost of renters insurance in Florida for a policy with $20,000 in personal property coverage and $100,000 in liability coverage is $10 per month. 

Q. What is liberty mutual short-term rental insurance?

Liberty Mutual offers comprehensive, customized renters coverage to protect your belongings at a wallet-friendly price. The four main areas covered by Liberty Mutual are Personal Property, Loss of Use, Liability, and Medical Payments to others. 

best renters insurance

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