Liability Coverage in Renters Insurance: Things To Know In 2022

Last Updated: 30th January, 2022

What is liability coverage in renters insurance? The component of a renters plan that includes you if you cause injury to others due to an accident or misconduct is known as renters liability insurance. If you’re sued for something like a house accident or dog attack, personal liability renters insurance may cover your legal expenses.

Renters insurance covers a tenant’s losses in case of damage to the rented apartment and the tenant’s personal belongings. Additionally, your renter’s insurance policy will also cover personal liability costs in most cases.  Read on to find some things you must know when you want to buy the best renters insurance in Illinois.

People often overlook the importance of having renters insurance for tenants. However, the truth is that tenants can secure an excellent deal in renters insurance if they are aware of the legalities and some common facts related to renters insurance.

Each state has its law related to insurance policies. Therefore, your first step when deciding to buy renters insurance must be to check your state’s facts.

Things to know while purchasing the best Liability Coverage in Renters Insurance:

Best Liability Coverage in Renters Insurance is affordable:

People often hesitate to buy renters insurance because they think it is out of their budget. However, the truth is that renters insurance from an insurance carrier is pretty much affordable in Illinois. The independent insurance brokerage who is selling insurance with the best policy is also much cheaper than other similar insurance policies like homeowners insurance. Nerwallet did a rate analysis which showed that the average renter’s insurance policy will cost $168 per year.

You are not legally obligated: 

PocketSense states that renters insurance is not a legal obligation in Illinois. However, your landlord might ask for sufficient coverage of renters insurance as a contractual requirement. Therefore, renters insurance is essential. Additionally, you would not want to land up in a situation where you do not have the finances to protect your personal belongings. Therefore, it is important.

Liability Coverage in Renters Insurance will not cover you:

You cannot sit back relaxed with the thought that your landlord’s insurance policy from an insurance agent brokerage firm will cover your losses as well. Landlord policy will cover only the structure of the rented apartment and not your personal belongings. Therefore, you need to have renters insurance even if your landlord has landlord insurance.

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Best Liability Coverage in Renters Insurance can cover your alternate living expenses:

Sometimes, homes might become unliveable for a specific time due to unfortunate circumstances. For example, a fire that broke out in your apartment might have damaged the structure. Therefore, you cannot live in the apartment until the renovation process is complete. You will have to look for alternate living spaces such as hotels or other apartments in such a scenario. This expense of living in alternate areas is known as alternate living expense.

You can share your renter’s insurance policy with your roommate: 

When you share your rented apartment with a roommate, you are allowed to share your renter’s insurance policy as well. However, this might reduce your coverage amount as the total coverage amount will not change much. Therefore, it is best practice not to share your renter’s insurance policy.

The key takeaway for buying the best Liability Coverage in Renters Insurance

Overall, you are in a win-win situation when you know how to set the right balance between premium amount and coverage. The best policy is the one that is affordable and does not compromise on the essential coverage. For example, Renegade Insurance will make every part of your policy easier, from shopping around to settling claims in an easy-to-understand way – they’re working hard on making sure you’re getting what matters most in low insurance rates!


Q. What does liability cover on a renters policy?

A common renters insurance policy includes personal liability coverage. If you’re proven legally accountable for another person’s injuries or property damage, it could assist pay for their medical bills or property repairs.

Q. Should a tenant have liability insurance?

Renters insurance is not needed by law, unlike auto insurance, but it is strongly recommended to provide coverage for your valuables and more! It may even be required by your landlord in some circumstances.

Q. How much personal liability coverage should I have?

The majority of homeowners insurance policies include a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage, but larger limits are available, and it is widely suggested that homeowners purchase at least $300,000 to $500,000 in liability coverage.

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